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Clipperton Atoll


Remote has a whole new meaning when a destination takes two times as long to navigate to and from than the time spent on site completing the expedition. This Atoll sits alone in the Eastern Pacific as Clipperton is the last remaining Atoll in this section of the Ocean, located 800nm south of Baja Mexico and 1000nm east of Costa Rica with nothing but blue all around. It was not just a pleasure to have been able to visit this location but a refreshing reminder of a world with so little impact from people and all our effects on the marine environment. This is not to say we didnt witness the extensive presence of fishing in the area but the abundance of juvenile sharks simply drew an unquestionable arrow in the direction of a healthier ecosystem. Clipperton is not a mecca for macro life, being so remote and isolated it is no surprise that not many small animals have successfully been able to call this small area of shallow water home.

During the expedition alongside our partners from the Max Plank Institute we witnessed the effect of upwelling and limited visibility, shallow thermoclines, and coral bleaching from temperature stress. The same characteristics you witness during coastal upwelling which allow for a perfect environment to sample the affected corals not just for their studies but also for the work of our other partners at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama who spearhead the Rohr Reef Resilience Project. With some of the largest and healthiest coral cover this location is pure proof that with limited to no human involvement marine life and coral reefs can thrive even with the extreme effects of our planet and Oceans.  

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