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Revillagigedo Islands


Mexico is a rich coast of migrating marine life coming from all areas of the world, from elegant manta rays to large numbers of whales traveling thousands of miles to bask in the waters of the Mexican coast and outer islands. 

Revillagigedo Islands located SSW of the Baja of California is a small chain of 4 main islands. These remote and baron spots of land in the Pacific Ocean hold an abundance of life from the small residences that call a single reef coral home to schooling hammerhead sharks who have traveled from other Pacific islands as they navigate the seasons. This year we entered the park during the last weeks of the hurricane season while the park is still officially closed to public access, with our partners on board from the Max Plank Institute and Darwin Research Station we completed a successful expedition mapping and collecting coral samples and cores to further the climate study Dr Alan Foreman and his colleague Dr Nic Duprey are currently completing not just across the Tropical Eastern Pacific but also the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. This work is unlocking incredible findings in extreme detail of the condition, health, and status of our climate going back in some areas over a hundred years. We also had Dr Pelayo Salinas further documenting and expanding his work to protect not just marine parks but the migratory pathways that link these magnificent locations to one another that are being proven over and over to be the highway so many animals take as they travel. The risk to these migratory animals is increasing rapidly as they are hunted or their habitat damaged through commercial fishing.

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