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Magdalena Bay


The Baja Peninsula is a migratory destination on a global scale, not just for the thousands of whales who travel from the polar regions of the North and South Poles but also for the large schools of bait fish that migrate the coastline and create magnificent feeding frenzies. As you navigate offshore from Magdalena Bay located 200nm north of Cabo San Lucas you keep your eyes peeled for large numbers of birds all flying together, however, once the birds start to dive that is the magical moment as you suit up and hit the water before the panga has even stopped to witness the marvel that is the stripped marlin feeding. The marlin pushes the bait fish up closer to the surface from the deep, as this happens the school tightens together and tries to fool the eyes of the predators as they swim in a tight circle or bait ball. Sealions, dolphins and other predatory fish will join once the ball is formed and once close enough to the surface, the birds dive bomb the bait ball also getting their share. This magnificent moment doesn't come without its risk, if you find yourself too close, the bait fish look to you for protection so its critical to be on alert to keep that perfect distance. We have been fortunate enough to be in the water and not just witness the stripped marlin but also humpback whales, brides whales & Orcas all in the same day as this location is so rich in diversity. Like all locations in the world that become known this is a destination in a critical moment as tourism to see this spectacle become more in demand but regulation for safety and the environment struggles to keep up. There are some however who work to narrow that gap and keep the marine environment which we have been so fortunate to witness as unaffected as possible of this magnificent coastline of the Baja of Mexico. 

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