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Paradise & beauty come in all forms, while many imagine turquoise water & golden sand other views also qualify. The dramatic snow capped shoreline of Greenland ticks enough boxes. While on this expedition we encountered thousands of icebergs, products of the enormous Greenland ice cap and thousands of years of snow and ice accumulation.   Breathtakingly beautiful and at the same time concerning as rapid changes and melt rates seem to be accelerating.   Reviewing the data collected over the last decade,  it’s easy for those on Acadia to see evidence of the dramatic change underway.  Scientist at the Arctic Research station and from research institutions around the world studying Disko Bay and surrounding Glaciers are providing tremendous insights into the impact of climate on this fragile ecosystem.   We did our best over a short time to experience the wonder of the Arctic and interact with some of the men and women of Greenland.   As we depart, touched by the breathtaking beauty and humility of those who are at home here, we are committed to share what we experienced and do our best to raise awareness of dramatic effects we witnessed involving climate change on the marine environment. To discover more about the time Acadia was in Greenland visit our Journal to explore further.

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