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Galapagos RRRP


In early 2021 SY Acadia launched the Reef Rohr Resiliance Progrm in the Galapagos, through our first symposium held in Porto Ayora, Santa Cruz we were delighted to bring together all the hard working teams, institutes and political bodies of the islands and introduce them to the Program. With our partners from Max Plank, local partners Gmare and new partners with the Galapagos National Park & Darwin Reseach Centre we launched a scouting expedition around the Islands fully circumnavigating to establish a foothold of knowledge, locations and coral status, so that when then world allows the STRI team will be able to naviorgate the destination directly to the best areas for the Resiliance Experiments. The expedition also excorperated Gmare's Ocean Acidification work Acadia has supported previously, plastic absorption experiments, climate studies via coral coring with Max Plank, mangrove studies across the islands with the CDF, invasive species work with the GNP with focus on the Darwin and Wolf islands and a joint focus of documenting coral and marine life health and ecology. The successful completion of this 3 week expedition incorporated the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador into the RRRP and with the new and existing partnerships locally it bings another area of the TEP into the coral study. 

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