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Isla Del Cocos


Costa Rica holds many magical and magnificent locations on both the Pacific and Caribean, from the dense rainforest with huge animal diversity to inlet nurseries to many shark species. However, in all, the jewel of this country must be the island of Cocos. 300 nautical miles offshore in the Pacific ocean, this small spit of land holds many marvels, immense history & most importantly a healthy underwater world full of life. Some species are not residents, instead migrate across oceans to visit this magnificent mecca. This being just one of the many reasons for our voyage, our expedition to Isla Del Cocos consisted of three parts, firstly expanding the Rohr Reef Resilience Program to Costa Rica to further the in-depth study on the TEPs Coral ability with the worlds changing climate, second to support both local and foreign Shark Conservation teams. Both the team of Mission Tiburon or Costa Rica and also Dr. Pelayo Salinas of the Darwin Research Centre joined the expedition, our local partners Ilena & Andreas of Mission Tiburon continued there on sight study of multiple species, on sight equipment maintenance & their support and education program with the local rangers while Dr. Pelayo Salinas work on furthering the number of female hammer-head sharks tagged in the TEP for the joint drive and passion to create a protected environment for these targeted and threatened species. In all the expedition held 17 scientists & conservationists, completed hundreds of dives & took countless samples across SY Acadia & the exceptional crew of the Okeanos II liveaboard. 

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